Liquid Gold!

My oh my, this is like liquid gold atm! πŸ’™

While I may not have ditched this flu as fast as I’d like, I am still one happy lass 😊

Easy Air, combined with On Guard, has actually seen me up, about & getting an ounce of work done πŸ™Œ

& that’s a massive win for me πŸ‘Œ

DoTERRA’s Easy Air is a remarkable blend of essential oils including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara & Ravensara.

I apply it topically to my chest & within literally moments I can breathe again. Today it was lathered on my chest & in my diffuser at my desk. & Woah did I notice when my diffuser switched off… All the congestion started to creep back in within 30 minutes… But with a little top up all was smooth sailing again πŸ’—

Primary Benefits:

πŸ‘Œ Feel clear & calm when breathing.

πŸ‘Œ Ideal for a restful nights sleep.

πŸ‘Œ Equipped for seasonal threats.

What would you use this gem for in your home?

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